Be vigilant on your sexy images according to Tooting Escorts

Sometimes I am really grateful for social media, and being able to send photos from my phone. However, sometimes, it just goes completely wrong. I work out a lot, and I normally go to the gym before I head off to Tooting escorts of Okay, I am really comfortable with my body, and sometimes I do send nude images of myself at Tooting escort wearing nothing or very little. I have been going out with this guy, and he has not seen me in the flesh yet, so I decided to get him going by sending him some nude pictures.


Needless to say, it all went terribly wrong and my sexy photos ended up with the wrong guy. I suppose it does not matter too much, but the guy who received my photos was my accountant. He is sort of a serious guy, and I am not so sure what he made out of it. Brian does know that I work for Tooting escorts, and he did laugh. But, he was not the only one who laughed. My friends back at Tooting escorts thought it was funny as well, especially as I am always telling them to be really careful with their photos.


Now, I am thinking that sending nude photos may not be the best thing to do at all. In the future, I am not going to snap any photos of me wearing nothing or very little, it may not be safe and they could easily be passed around. My boss at Tooting escorts told me that anybody could pick up the photos, and pass them around. That is true, and it is best to err on the side of caution on this one. The problem is, I am not the only girl at Tooting escorts who have done this sort of thing. More or less all of us have done it.


Thinking about it, it is a bit silly to send nude photos or sexy images by phone. You may send them to your boyfriend but how well do you know your boyfriend? One of the girls here at Tooting escorts sent photos to her boyfriend at the time, and he ended up showing all of his mates. Now, they know that she works for Tooting escorts, and they have pestered her a bit. That is not very nice at all, and I would not want that to happen to me.


It is not too bad if an adult person does it, but if a younger person does it, I think it is terrible. There are so many perverts out there, and you never know who is sitting their looking at your photos. If I had a teenage daughter, I would tell her not to send any sexy images of herself at all. The kids these days seem to think that everything goes, but that is not true. I may be a bit of free spirit working for Tooting escorts, but at the same time, I do have my scruples.

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