My Obession

Like the other girls here at the escort agency, I do have my own thing that I am kind of obsessed about. For some reason, I have got into my head my lipstick should always match my nipples. I think it looks dead sexy and it makes me feel more confident. Where this obsession came from, I am not really sure about but I do have this slight little thing about it.

Finding the right lipstick to match my nipples can be hard. As we ladies know, cosmetic companies do change their ranges a lot. You may find the perfect lipstick for you, but when you look for the same lipstick the next season, you will find the company has changed all its color ranges. That does not make it any easier for me, and I know many of the other London escorts say the same thing. They have sort of find a lipstick they like and when they come to buy it again, the shade is gone

My boyfriend thinks that I am a bit weird when it comes to my lipstick obsession. It is not the only thing I have about color. My home is rather color coordinated as well, and I love it when everything looks perfect. I can drive people a little bit nuts with my color obsession, and it can be clearly seen here at my London escorts boudoir. Everything matches here as well, and I always make sure that what I buy ties in with the colors I have around me, or even on me.

I would not say I blend into the background, but I don’t like to stand out either. The gents I date at London escorts say that visiting my boudoir is a relaxing experience. Looking at it, I am pretty sure my boudoir is somewhat easy on the eye. Because everything matches, I think it is very easy to come on and just relax. If you like, you may be able to call my home and boudoir transitional. Anything you buy can perfectly blend into the background of my place, and I like it. It looks a little bit Scandinavian actually.

If I did not work for London escorts, I think I would like to have been an interior designer. It is something which has always fascinated. I find that interior design gives me a lot of self-satisfaction and I think that is important to me. Feeling at ease at home and work is something we all should do. The Scandinavians say it makes your life more “hype”. I think it is true. All of the Scandinavians I know, seem to be very relaxed people. They are seriously into candles and making their lives more relaxing. One of the ways they achieve, is to make sure their immediate living environment is color coordinated. I love it, and feeling chilled when you meet your favorite girl at London escorts, is an important part of the dating experience.

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