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August 2019

It is easy to reach this little jewel in Surrey by road or rail – Guildford escorts

The rail way journey from London only takes about 40 minutes, and this has certainly put Guilford in the middle of the Surrey commuter belt. Recently a lot of former London girls have started to take advantage of this, and started to set up their services in Guilford. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular Guilford escorts agencies from is staffed by former London hot babes. The agency has a really good reputation in Guilford and the surrounding area.
Alan already owns a couple of London based escorts agencies, and he says that Guilford has become the jewel in his crown. It is one of my busiest agencies, says Alan, and I have about 10 Guilford escorts available. They date on a regular basis and most of the gents that they date are locals. It is nice to notice that so many local lads have discovered the beauty of Guilford escorts of, laughs Alan. Okay, some gents may date before they leave London at the end of the day, but many also date in Guilford.
A lot of my colleagues here in London, did never believe that Surrey was going to become a hot spot for escorts. The truth is that some girls from London wanted to move out of central London, so for me it was the ideal opportunity to set up an agency in Guilford. Nearly all of the Guilford escorts that I employ are former London girls, says Alan. It is great because the girls know what they are doing, and I can’t trust them to get on with their jobs. It is nice to be able to be a bit more hands off sometimes.
I am sure that Guilford escorts will continue to grow. As a matter of fact, we are planning to add on more services. According to the girls on the phone, we are being asked for services like escorts for couples and duo dating, says Alan. I will be taking a look at all of these things as I know that there are many people in Guilford who would like to swing. It is quite fun to see that escorts services are moving out of London and are becoming acceptable elsewhere as well, says Alan. The girls are really doing well.
My Guilford escorts tell me that Guilford has quite an active swingers community and I think that is great. Swinging is probably more popular in the English country side than it is in London. I am not personally into it but I know that many people are, I would, as an owner of an escorts agency, like to cater for them. Having an escorts for couple’s service in Guilford, I think would be a big bonus for us and I am planning to launch it as soon as possible, says Alan. I hope my Guilford girls will go from strength to strength in the near future, adds Alan.…

I don’t know about you, but to me it seems that most men really don’t want to grow up.

The other day I started to date this new guy at Cheap London escorts from He divorced his wife recently, or rather, I think that she divorced him. He is super sweet but at the same time he can be very annoying. Honestly, I think that he is one of the richest men that I have ever bumped into at London escorts, but he does not have clue. Mind you, he would not be the first person to book escorts in London outcall to ask me how to show him how his washing machine work. I am sure that if you really knew what went on when you work for London escorts, you would end up in stitches. Honestly, I have been working for escort agencies in London for seven years now, and during that time I have come across all sorts of situations.

I could write a book about all of the crazy men that I have met a London escorts. It would honestly give the entire country a good laugh. Like I say to girls who are new to London escorts, it will be fun. Yes, it will be exciting as well, but sometimes you end up doing the most mundane things for the gents you meet at London escorts.

I have been in situations where I have had to explain things like why you should put the milk in the refrigerator. The thing is that many men above a certain age were not really taught these things by their mums. After that I guess that they got married and their wives looked after them. But when you have been around these men for a while, your kind of get annoyed with them. I feel like asking them if they can’t think for themselves, but of course I don’t. But, I do think that we need to start explaining the Girlfriend Experience from London escorts a bit better. It does not mean that a girl will come home to clean your house, turn on the washing machine and give you a sensual massage after she has finished emptying the washing machine.

That is a big misunderstanding. At least I am aware of my pet-peeves when it comes to men. When I finish career with London escorts, I will make sure that I get myself a man who can both sort out the washing, and turn on the washing machine. There will also be some other criteria he has to meet apart from being great in bed. He will have to know how to cook, change a diaper and mop the floor. This girl is not going to be one of those women who do everything around the house, work and look after the baby. These are modern times, and I am looking for a modern man. Are you that man?…