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December 2018

MY Relationships Bore Me

My relationships don’t last and I am beginning to wonder what am I doing wrong. I can’t really say that I have ever been good at relationships and the problem started way before I joined London escorts. As a woman, I get bored with men really easily. First of all, I get bored with a guy after I have had sex with him couple of times. I have never met a man who has really managed to be able to “entertain” me in bed if you know what I mean. It sounds terrible, but I am certainly not one of those girls at London escorts who you should ask for relationship advice.

It is not only the sex that bores me. Talking to a man my age bores me as well. I so much prefer to talk to and spend time with the businessmen I date at London escorts. At least they have something interesting to say for themselves and I feel that I have learned a lot from them. The men I meet when I am not at London escorts like to talk about the most boring topics and have careers which I can relate to at all. I am not sure what I am will when I one day have to leave London escorts and do something else.

Earning more than most men is another problem which does upset my relationships. When you start talking to a guy, you soon appreciate that he may not earn as much as you do. Often when I meet a guy, I know that he is not going to keep up with my charlotte London escorts lifestyle. Thanks to my work for charlotte London escorts, I can have some excellent holidays and there is no way the average guy in London would be able to keep up with the way I live my life.

Do I tell the men I met I work for an elite London escorts service and used to be a stripper? Let me put it this way, I used to tell them, but I know that it is a sore topic. If you do tell a guy that you work for a wonderful and low cost charlotte London escorts service, he is probably going to end up thinking you are a cheap tart. That is why I never do anymore. The problem with that is that you end up living a lie. I am not comfortable about that at all, and I guess it is one of the other things which stands in my way.

Am I going to have problems with relationships all of my life? I am pretty sure that I am always going to be one of those girls who can find the right man. If I could only stop picking faults in the men that I meet it would help. But no man seems to be able to keep me happy for very long. The only men that I have met who I find attractive, are the men that I have met at London escorts. Maybe I am one of those girls who is meant to marry a guy who is her London escorts regulars.…