Everyone Should Try Anal Sex

Whether you have tried it or not, anal sex has become less taboo these days. Many people, both men and women, are into it. . It is a great way of satisfying your sexual desires, and you should not be ashamed. But there are still those that hold the misconceptions that anal sex is dirty and that it hurts a lot. However, it can actually be more pleasant than vaginal sex if done properly. It is a great way of satisfying your sexual desires, and you should not be ashamed. Most men are interested in trying it, but fear on how to do it for the first time. In case you are in that category, fear no more! You can hire an escort from cityofeve.org to give you an amazing anal sex experience. Anal sex may not necessarily be for everyone, but everyone should try it once. Read more to know why it’s more pleasant than vaginal sex, and why you should definitely try it.

It is a good experience

The main reason why people engage in intercourse is to have a sexual satisfaction. You might be surprised to realize that anus has numerous and highly sensitive nerves. When you touch your woman on the anus with your finger, her reaction is proof that it is a sensitive part. And anal penetration still stimulates the vaginal tissues causing an orgasm in their vagina during anal sex. This can be an amazing experience, especially for those women who struggle to orgasm during vaginal sex.

Reduces risks of pregnancy

For those of you who have been in a relationship for a long time and you already have enough children, or you just aren’t ready to have any, then worry no more! Anal sex is satisfying, and there are no pregnancy worries to go along with it.

Amazing feeling

The constrictive muscles around the anus cause it to have a much tighter feeling around the penis than the vaginal muscles. Normally, men measure the level of satisfaction depending on the amount of pressure on their penises. The tighter it is, the more satisfying it becomes. Therefore, anal sex is more pleasurable than vaginal sex because the anus tightly holds the penis and this ensures that the man enjoys every penetration.

Hopefully anal sex is an experience everyone gets a chance to enjoy at least once. And remember, if your partner will not do it there are many escorts available who will!